Get My Goat

Information about the Webisode:

Title: "Wolf on Thin Ice"

Episode: Season 1, Episode 9

Air Date: Nocember 5, 2016

Studio: DreamWorksTV

Episode Summary: Dutch teaches an uncoordinated Gold Fang to skate in order to save Billy from that not-so-wily wolf.

Information about the Web Series:

Series Description: Clever, herding dog, Dutch, defends his oblivious Billy goat from capture by the cocky but dimwitted wolf, Gold Fang. While Billy is always tantalizingly close, Gold Fang invariably fails to snatch the blissfully unaware cud-chewer thanks both to Dutch's clever patter and an endless supply of trapdoors, dead ends, spring loaded platforms and other gags that the Roadrunner would drool over. Each week highlights a new verbal and physical challenge for the ever-intrepid but doomed to fail Gold Fang.

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Get My Goat Season 1, Episode 9